The mission of The Dallas Way is to gather, organize, store, and present the complete LGBTQ history of Dallas, Texas.    

Founded in 2011, The Dallas Way has led the effort to gather and preserve the untold and under-told stories of the Rainbow Community of Dallas, through the collection and preservation of historical archives, the capturing of video and audio recordings of personal oral histories of individuals, the collecting and publishing of the written stories of Dallas-area LGBTQ organizations and members of the LGBTQ community, and the public speaking presentations of personal stories as told by individuals from within the LGBTQ community and by the many dedicated allies of our community.


The archives stored at and being digitized in the LGBTQ collection at the University of North Texas (UNT) libraries are drawing online and in-person researchers and visitors from around the nation.  To date, The Dallas Way has greatly augmented the LGBTQ archives at UNT. 


Outrageous Oral is perhaps the history project at its most entertaining. The most memorable stories seem improvised and intimate yet with a pointed message - messages that are painful, comic or celebratory. Over 60 personal LGBTQ stories have been shared thus far.