To date, The Dallas Way has greatly augmented the GLBT archives at UNT.


“The partnership between the Dallas Way and The UNT Libraries has the potential to change the way that people understand and interpret the history of GLBT communities in the southwest. By utilizing the strengths of both organizations, we will be able to assure that history is preserved and made available to the public in ways never seen before.”

— Morgan Gieringer, head of Special Collections, UNT Libraries


The archives stored at and being digitized in the GLBT collection at the University of North Texas (UNT) libraries are drawing online and in-person researchers and visitors from around the nation.  

To date, The Dallas Way has greatly augmented the GLBT archives at UNT. Six major documents collections – those of the Texas Human Rights Foundation, Jack Evans and George Harris, Dennis Vercher, Al Daniels, Molly Behannon and Bruce Jaster – are currently in the UNT archives awaiting digitization.    

Jack Evans and George Harris are the founders of The Dallas Way.  

Dennis Vercher was Editor of the Dallas Voice until his death in 2006.  He was one of the longest survivors of HIV/AIDS in Dallas County and contributed a large number of significant writings, recordings, notes and files on his extensive stories for the GLBT community.

There is already a huge interest in their archives despite the fact that many documents have not yet been digitized and are available only in hard copy.  Every issue of the Dallas Voice, Q, TXT and the Advocate are examples of historical news media included in the collections and being digitized.  

The donation of newspapers and other GLBT publications by The Dallas Way alone makes this reportedly the most complete collection of such documents in the world.

In the fall of 2014 The Dallas Way presented an unrestricted $15,000.00 grant to the GLBT Special Collections at the University of North Texas Libraries.