Outrageous Oral is perhaps the history project at its most entertaining. 

Outrageous Oral is perhaps the history project at its most entertaining. The most memorable stories seem improvised and intimate yet with a pointed message - messages that are painful, comic or celebratory.

Over 60 personal stories have been shared thus far.

Jack Evans and George Harris spoke about 50 years together lived out loud:  how the bright lights of Dallas drew them in, about living at the YMCA ("The French Embassy") and how the best place to cruise in 1960 Dallas was in front of Neiman Marcus.

Cece Coxtold stories of a double murder in Dallas’ Reverchon Park in 1988, of more murders in the early 1990s, of candlelight vigils and a state district judge who stirred local gay rights activists when he acknowledged giving lighter sentences to the killers of gay men.

Emma Colquitt spoke about motherhood - talking about her daughter, who tells her mothers’ stories as a test to potential friends: “Trinity has outed us wherever she’s gone,” Colquitt said. “She loves her moms. And she tells you immediately she has two moms.”

Sheriff Lupe Valdez - the only latina sheriff, the only out lesbian sheriff in the United States ever; told us that our worth to society is obvious, but we must make our worth better by growing, learning, and sharing.