On October 22, 2005, Christine Jarosz received the Kuchling Humanitarian Award from the Dallas Black Tie Dinner, annually the largest annual fundraising event in the City of Dallas.  The following is the written text of his acceptance speech that evening before an audience of 3,000 guests.


Christine Jarosz  Photo courtesy: Dallas Voice

Christine Jarosz

Photo courtesy: Dallas Voice

Wow – wow! Hello gorgeous! Since receiving this Kuchling Award, nothing has been the same. The phone has been ringing. People are saying nice things about me, and they are taking me out to dinner. Nothing compares to it … except perhaps when I was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society when I was 13.

I was surprised, but very delighted, that it was me this year, for I feel like I represent thousands of women who, for generations, have worked so hard for our rights. And for a lifetime of support, I think my brother and sister who are here tonight, and my mother, who, at this very moment, is watching this all on video in San Francisco. I am most proud that my mother is proud of me. Hi, mom! Thank you.

I want to be remembered for taking the torch when it was passed to me – for championing the unpopular – and for my sense of humor, which some say I have yet to develop.

Some might ask what the secret of my success is, so let me say that I'm like Eleanor Roosevelt. I never ask anyone to do what I'm not willing to do myself. And I also want to say this: we talk about "imagining tomorrow," but I really want you to think about where we are tonight. Look at us. We are fabulous!

Thank you so much for this opportunity. This is stunning. I can't even describe how this feels. I just hope that everyone in this room has an opportunity to have this experience in an environment which is important to you. So let's imagine tomorrow – a better world because of the work we are doing today. Thank you.