Outrageous Oral, Volume 9: David Taffet

David Taffet tells his story for Outrageous Oral, Volume 9, January 30, 2014, in the Rose Room @ S4 in Dallas. Outrageous Oral is a quarterly evening of poignant memories and stories from Dallas' GLBT past. The Dallas Way is committed to our mission to gather, store, organize, and present the complete GLBT history of Dallas, Texas.

Most of you know David from his byline at the Dallas Voice or just by his voice on Lambda Weekly, KNON-FM radio, the longest running LGBT talk show in the country. But some of us have known David for his work on the boards of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, Equality Texas, and Resource Center -- of course all of those organizations were operating under different names when David was working. He is also active in Congregation Beth el Binah. David is the most recent recipient of the Black Tie Kuchling Humanitarian Award.