Outrageous Oral, Volume 15: Ed Oakley

Ed Oakley tells his story for Outrageous Oral, Volume 15, April 23, 2015, in the Rose Room @ S4 in Dallas. Outrageous Oral is a quarterly evening of poignant memories and stories from Dallas' GLBT past. The Dallas Way is committed to our mission to gather, store, organize, and present the complete GLBT history of Dallas, Texas.

Ed Oakley works with Caven Enterprises as Property Manager. Ed was elected as a Dallas City Council member for District 6 in June of 2001 and as of June, 2005, he was re-elected twice as the Council member for District 3. In a runoff election against Tom Leppert in 2007 for Mayor of the City of Dallas, Ed was unsuccessful. Had he won, he would have been the first openly-gay mayor of a top ten U.S. city.