Outrageous Oral, Volume 11: Pamela Curry

Pamela Curry tells her story for Outrageous Oral, Volume 11, June 26, 2014, in the Rose Room @ S4 in Dallas. Outrageous Oral is a quarterly evening of poignant memories and stories from Dallas' GLBT past. The Dallas Way is committed to our mission to gather, store, organize, and present the complete GLBT history of Dallas, Texas.

Transgender activist Pamela Curry is a very well-know health and disability advocate. Her career has been in information technology - designing systems, writing code and implementing data and telephony networks. Curry, the eldest of eight children in an extremely conservative Catholic family, grew up in the Dallas area. She was married briefly and has one son, 25 years old, who lives in New Jersey. The victim of domestic violence, she was thrown into depression and unemployment that drove her to a suicide attempt. She moved to Austin for a shor time, reorganized and then moved back to Dallas to GET INVOLVED!