Outrageous Oral, Four Dallas Icons: Richard D. Curtin

Richard D. Curtin tells his story for special Outrageous Oral, Thursday, May 21, 2015, in the Rose Room at S4, Dallas, TX. Outrageous Oral is a quarterly evening of poignant memories and stories from Dallas' GLBT past. The Dallas Way is committed to our mission to gather, store, organize, and present the complete GLBT history of Dallas, Texas.

Richard D. Curtin is an accomplished actor, singer, activist, fundraiser and drag queen. Having been a performer all his life, Richard is a reliable talent creating television shows; "The Edna Jean and Pitiful Show." Music videos of his original music; "Shopping," "Boobs for Christmas." "Fred is Dead" and "Say That We're Sweethearts Again." Other credits include: Talk show host; "Just keep breathing," Theatre Actor; "Annelle" in an all male cast of "Steel Magnolias"; "Greta" in Brent; Black Tie Dinner emcee; Voice of Pride final host for 10 years, short film producer, "Harvey and Peter", film actor, "Fergus" in "Ticked off Trannies with Knives;" Director Laurent in Fright Flick and most recently, "Adolph Hitler" in the Anne Gibson's drama, "Final Conflict." And of course, the riveting performance artist: Edna Jean Robinson: The Goddess of the Trailer Park and a Dallas icon for 20 years.