Outrageous Oral has proven to be a memorable evening of poignant, often funny, sometimes tearful stories of our rich GLBT Dallas history.

The Dallas Way began Outrageous Oral in June of 2012 as part of our mission to gather, store, organize, and present the complete GLBT history of Dallas, Texas.  We record these events on video and post them on our YouTube page.  They will become part of the permanent collection at the GLBT archives at the University of North Texas for future historians to study.


Jack and George

In this Outrageous Oral Volume 2 segment Jack Evans and George Harris speak about 50 years together lived out loud: learn how the bright lights of Dallas drew them in, about living at the YMCA ("The French Embassy") and how the best place to cruise in 1960 Dallas was in front of Neiman Marcus.


In this Outrageous Oral Volume 9 segment Louise Young and Vivienne Armstrong speak about their 42 years together, being active in the gay and lesbian civil rights movement since 1971, and how they found lesbian bars: "We called the Vice Squad. In Amarillo, they even gave us directions!"

Sheriff Lupe Valdez

In this Outrageous Oral Volume 15 segment, Sheriff Lupe Valdez - the only latina sheriff, the only out lesbian sheriff in the United States ever; tells us that our worth the society is obvious, but we must make our worth better by growing, learning, and sharing.

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