Outrageous Oral, Volume 1: Rebecca Covell

Rebecca Covell introduces our speakers for Outrageous Oral, Volume 1. June 28, 2102 at the Vixen Lounge of Sue Ellen's nightclub.

Transcript 0:00 that hi my name's Rebecca 0:05 I'm a LESBIAN and you'll know this my family is fine with my orientation 0:16 only I could tell 'em I'm a lawyer and I just want to know one other thing about 0:25 me 0:25 I kissed a girl and I liked it long before it was cool in a song 0:29 and the girl I like is the most is right 0:33 there 0:37 you to Marty I would alarm I Liza Minnelli had and heels but 0:42 tang and I just loan those are left him in the car something so if you see them 0:47 bring them up to me where you're 0:48 am but I'm here tonight in a special capacity is a member of the 0:53 the board for the Dallas way the dow's way is probably most have you know 0:57 is our new organization in Dallas am 1:02 and our job is to collect 1:07 store and share the history 1:10 0 the LGBT community in Dallas in this is our first kinda soft even 1:15 so that y'all can get familiar with us in its a great format 1:19 its and outrageous oral history 1:22 so I think you'll really enjoyed a stroll down memory lane as we hear from 1:26 somebody 1:26 icons in our community who will come up here and share with you 1:30 their stories in their history of Dallas but before I go too far let me tell you 1:35 a little bit more about the Dallas way 1:37 and our founding visionaries Jack Evans and George Harris 1:41 am you know that there have been gays and lesbians bisexuals and transgenders 1:47 firm as far back as humankind has been in existence 1:50 I mean don't remember discover the net the Natural History Museum 1:54 and they have those little pictorial settings over the call magnin people 1:59 that that came with the two-minute the best-dressed best decorated K 2:05 okay they were gay that was adamant city 2:08 but in any event 2:12 the history here in Dallas has has been a long and storied 1 2:17 and we are fortunate that Jack in George I have been here to live most other 2:21 create a lot event and share their stories with us 2:25 and we following in their footsteps of course have added to and tried to hold 2:29 up the sky as well 2:30 but unfortunately jack has pneumonia he's recovering from it 2:34 he's much better but he still in the hospital and George as you can imagine 2:39 has been exhausted being up there tending to him I mean 2:42 when you've been around and sleeping with the same and for 51 years i guess 2:46 its habit 2:47 am so 2:51 unfortunately Jack won't be here I'm and George who was gonna be one of our 2:55 speakers 2:56 is not going to be able to present tonight but 2:59 we're going to make do in fact we've got a great pinch-hitter if you don't mind 3:03 the softball analogy for some other lesbians in the room 3:05 and so substituting on the roster will be done Mason 3:11 and you should have a little addition to the 3:16 to the roster you'll see right there will tell you a little bit more about 3:19 Don 3:20 and so I'm before we get too much farther I think it's important to 3:25 recognize the people who have been so important 3:27 in putting his organization together and putting this even together 3:32 so to start with Arie van I wanna give particular mention 3:35 Bruce Munro who you'll hear from later buddy molineaux who is also posed to be 3:40 here 3:41 and he had some kind of health issue that took him out of the game 3:44 am in my Grossman who I saw come in and his partners 3:48 is hospitalized in just I'm so thankful to all love you for being here even 3:53 under those extenuating circumstances 3:56 so thank you for producing this event and I also want to thank the Dallas Way 4:00 board members 4:01 we are a new 501 c3 thank you Mike England 4:04 I'd like to I would like to introduce you to the dow's Way board members if 4:09 you're here at by 4:10 like you to Stan so let's say do we have a is Carl here Carl Parker 4:14 curls in the bat her 4:18 Mike Anglin are are legally able 4:24 Steve Atkinson I saw Steve were Steve 4:27 thank you Steve Robert Emery 4:32 buddy molineaux I mentioned to you won't be able to come here Bruce Munro 4:36 we know we're going to hear more from in a few minutes 4:40 every page in a loop region are you here there she is in the back 4:43 thank you baby stand a are you here 4:47 their standard J Fort 4:51 J right there Dennis Coleman I don't think he came out from Austin is Dennis 4:56 here 4:57 and then I and Phase II didn't see an is an here 5:01 and then yours truly I'm I'm honored to be with this group of people they are in 5:05 their own rights all leaders in our community 5:08 and we really owe them a round of applause thank you 5:17 so let's start you'll see in your program who's going to be our speakers a 5:21 brief bio on the back 5:23 but let me just highlighted by tell you by telling you that this event is being 5:27 underwritten by of course 5:29 Wellens the dow whatever Gill in the UPS Store 5:33 forty-eight 48 women so we need to support our sponsors and underwriters 5:37 and then a lot if you have generously supported this event as well 5:40 with your 501 c3 charitable contribution gifts 5:44 and I appreciate that in your names that were here before 5:47 we printed the program are also listed on the back so thank you very much for 5:50 that 5:51 and so will hear without interruption summer the following speakers 5:55 we'll start with Michael domain he's been a pillar in our community for over 5:59 30 years serving many organizations 6:01 and he'll kick off the storytelling and then one after another will also hear 6:05 from Monica I just saw monica green came in thank you Monica 6:09 she's an iconic restaurant here a business owner 6:12 she's transform both Dallas and herself over the last 40 years I know we're all 6:17 excited to hear what monica has to share 6:19 and then a last-minute substitution for George I guess we're gonna have to wait 6:23 to hear if that rumor is true 6:25 I think it is truly came to Dallas in a covered wagon with John Neely Bryan 6:32 he'll have to sit he'll have to dispute that at the next event which incidently 6:36 should be listed on here 6:37 it's a September 30 am so we'll hear from Don Mason 6:41 a fabulous attorney who put his law degree to good use dispensing justice in 6:45 righting wrongs 6:46 we also get to hear from Penny Crispin penny pickle Chris benign 6:49 saw her she's here someone with a lotta courage a Braveheart 6:53 and has done a lot of compassion at work in our community 6:57 am in and Lori masters 7:00 knowledge heard the phrase you know before you kick off an event to break a 7:03 leg 7:04 will barely she did that literally she stepped off a ladder or a stool and is 7:09 in the hospital getting xrays so 7:12 will hear from Lori next time I promise and then Bruce Monroe 7:15 Lara our board member will also we're givers give us his remarks 7:19 before we close so own 7:23 fell off early she would follow up Harley 7:27 that she knows how to ride okay 7:30 I'd like to go ahead and and have Michael come up and start our oral 7:34 history please and please give michael dolan a great round