Outrageous Oral, Volume 1: Monica Greene

Transcript 0:00 this I have a horrible acts and sell transcripts so this are available on my 0:08 website 0:08 I'm cantana I stroll with this I actually didn't want to do it 0:15 and then I thought about it then I am my family decided that I was going to do it 0:19 and I was for anyone who knows me I can talk forever 0:23 and I have some great stories in great experiences but on 0:27 about two in the morning last night a walk-up not hot 0:30 known I really need to give the perspective a different perspective 0:34 I want to leave something behind I 0:38 not want to talk about what i'd on here in the community business-wise 0:43 which has been very benign this city to me but i wanna talk about that 0:47 the roots depressed where I came from 0:50 about who I am today so I'm gonna read it to you 0:54 I didn't sleep much last night i cant riding in writing 0:58 not finally end up with this page is here there has always been a don t 1:04 impression on my soul to search for life 1:07 a used to doing a landscaping my solo repertoire was include making a choice 1:12 is a reality 1:13 many years ago I was 30,000 feet about the ocean hitting 1:17 East or Europe rehearsing heavily my life when I thought at that time had 1:22 been a fantasy 1:23 created by nature a big mistake we have left hours late in the afternoon chase 1:28 in darkness 1:29 despite being happy with my destination in my choices 1:32 my restrictive environment score and regardless of all the people around me 1:37 I feel very lonely drama in my mind 1:40 on hold it memorize another time I feel manhood 1:44 became very important every detail 1:47 was pursued but the rest the passengers rested on a where my complex in my 1:51 whistle 1:52 guilt and all that fear finally for the first time in my life were no longer 1:56 present 1:57 they tonight merge into one a purple sky 2:01 hint to the Starz arrival it was getting late 2:04 a look at the window and I saw those first are smiling at me 2:07 the moon directly hit was leading the way become to my destiny I thought 2:12 and so I made a wish under need 2:16 an all-around eminently pure snow white tundra sup this feather 2:20 pillars silent witness to a silver bird 2:23 harboring inside hundred souls 2:26 some mail some female one boat 2:30 on on to me in on that date the strip signaled the beginning 2:34 up an extraordinary adventure in Texas for these would be transexual 2:38 so now it's back to reality our Dallas 2:41 in my to my new life as a female I hadn't 2:46 reincarnation and the same lifetime I have been a song 2:50 a brother husband a father I am now sister 2:54 and a girlfriend but I have always been a person 2:57 the same person some things they changed our 3:01 I went from being a short meant to be not all women go figure but not in my 3:13 transition never the change the way I Drive 3:15 the way I speak other way think other than bringing my physical reality 3:21 in line with my men to reality there was not much different at all 3:24 maybe a little bit more lipstick you know boobs 3:28 then and then I guess there were places to live when you decide to go to sex 3:33 reassignment 3:34 but I can tell you by experience they can not be a better place to become your 3:38 cell then in Dallas 3:39 dollars has been good to me texas has been good to me 3:46 and people like you I did to me but 3:49 in 1995 when I came back from Brussels 3:53 where I have my sex was reassignment surgery dollars was a very different 3:57 place 3:57 did you know that I was not online 4:01 allowed to enter this bar for the village station or any other bar in the 4:05 strip 4:05 well I was dressed up as a female in 1995 4:08 he was against the law to impersonate a female do in that time 4:12 and every business owner happily comply with that on furlough 4:16 good drinks strobe lights 4:19 good music well did Kelly pretty could never make the word discrimination sound 4:24 right 4:25 he'd always senior my spirit he has always been a red banner to about costs 4:30 reaping forever Bulleen and misunderstanding 4:33 but my story began long ago way before I write to this lamp 4:37 early since I can remember I appear computers 4:41 I remember the ones that I once read that a little boy 4:44 discover the he was a little girl while he was listening to his mother play the 4:48 piano 4:49 listen to shop on well I didn't have to see 4:53 on to need a camera to know who I was 4:57 ever since I remember I felt that I was born in the wrong body 5:01 I think I was four years old when it down on daily drama began 5:05 sex difference to me were created at best I knew that there were boys and 5:09 girls 5:10 but that did not explain my existence during my chocolate 5:14 I never talk anyone about my confusion the private pain was very silent 5:19 kantor to me in a struggle to create a normal child 5:23 locked into any he became effortless 5:26 after a while to like my role and just like in a fairytale 5:29 turning 20 min a master storyteller to family and friends 5:34 but beyond the surface in tonight I was myself 5:38 do in those nights gonna they're to dress up my case was always looking to 5:41 the future 5:43 it online with destiny Houston be shown people recognize me 5:47 for who I was womanhood embrace with a catastrophe percent the door 5:52 would up hurting my loved ones I can ever remember being 5:55 someone else you're my teams always seem to carry a slow grief 5:59 and I hate suppressants foreshadows but in my dreams I saw my face with ice 6:04 decided to at this time reality 6:06 with that from her distinctive expressions in a simple smile on my face 6:11 sub skin with a golden song outside waiting for me to come out 6:16 to go further into my destiny when the doing final it came true 6:21 I had to face society I never forget that day 6:24 from I have to admit to you that I'm not always had 6:27 the carriage to be who I was why I am 6:31 when I let my bisous my family my friends and everything 6:34 I was accustomed to and I have to pursue womanhood 6:38 I skate 2 for war I hit 6:41 until that fateful day hours away 6:45 safe I thought despite the fact that I did not have a driver's license 6:49 a social security card or any identification that actually the funk y 6:54 los 6:55 I managed to find a job he had been four months since I left Dallas looking for a 6:59 new reality 7:01 working at a bank was not what I intended always been in the restaurant 7:05 business 7:05 I think you know nevertheless the bank gave me an opportunity to participate in 7:10 life 7:11 a new experience in no one knew about my pass 7:16 or so I thought known lever funny 7:20 I try to convince myself and I was wrong 7:23 the call came early in the afternoon the surprise me 7:27 in like a cold shower he may miss real it was hell in brine 7:31 a writer for The Dallas Morning News her voice was pragmatic 7:34 almost warm with our skis in herself for interrupting my privacy 7:39 and moneyline she told me that she was going to write about me and my 7:42 transition 7:43 in her column a bear her to please forget me 7:47 a talker the corrections go to take my job at the bank 7:50 I told her to pay my kids will endure when the true would come out 7:54 really would be make make their lives typical school 7:58 I try to be practical I picked 8:01 it didn't work and so I cry you know they all same 8:05 there is nothing to fear but fear itself well 8:08 that is a fact like a vessel I was launched by that Pam 8:13 I was no longer running when do in the city the truth Kristen 8:16 I was moving forward people stumbling about pieces so my fate 8:20 and the war in the world was about to see me on bail 8:24 and finally dollars would catch a glimpse of the real me 8:28 now was a leaping moment transformation a forever change 8:33 lucky for me sigh step in our society 8:36 and the common library relations was really not very hard for me 8:40 our world was already awash in controversy even before my announcement 8:44 so this by the early shock nothing really bad happened to me 8:49 my family and the world did not come to an end 8:53 Holmes finished us 8:57 my story is long good im back 9:01 too many equal parts oppressions nissen ugliness too many more 9:05 mostly clever they all agree like a to rate with music in a good ending 9:11 but police nothin I'm only one Boyce not a unique voice 9:15 but a boy's the sings the same team that thousands a boy so transsexuals not able 9:19 to raise our voice to share their experiences 9:22 I thank you for your time tonight and I like to finish my lower time for reading 9:26 you watch or ponder over last night 9:28 some anyway here this bitch black 9:32 finally conquer operon escorted to the inner space by the filtering liked 9:37 pulsating the partly to the naked when Ortiz settles 9:41 into a long female and you can a woman 9:44 she stand single strong ports a dissonant 9:47 on named Kurt and recognize the such her face 9:51 a complex plan the ties to her past still visible 9:54 and shake but like Twilight silently fading away 9:58 Hublot Amiri a to battle for months pump in her soul 10:03 cheese Mexican she's not alone she speaks in a common-law boys 10:07 should begin sent you she has a new name and your comment money 10:11 thank you