Outrageous Oral, Volume 1: Bruce Monroe

Transcript 0:00 this I'm not Lori masters and Norway 0:06 player on TV I 0:09 my name is Bruce Munro I know a lot of these stories firsthand except for 0:14 don mason's because I was really young tyke problem not even out 0:18 at the time in the village station raid and certainly Dallas wasn't even on my 0:23 radar at the time my story begins in nineteen eighty-six 0:27 I think my memory fails me and that my friends is why we have little sway 0:34 so we can collect the stories age was definitely in full swing in Dallas yet 0:39 for me 0:40 no one significant had died yet 0:43 the dow scale alliance now the dow stay in lesbian alliance 0:48 and that's another story had formed the eight Resource Center three years 0:53 earlier in 1983 0:55 in order to educate your taxes about the disease which was severely impacting 0:59 both coasts 1:00 mark Rogers have been hired by the Centre to raise money 1:04 we had to people who were ringing the bell 1:09 loudly about aids Mike Richards 1:13 and how we dare arm and Mark 1:17 who works for us through a generous grant from the Robert Wood Johnson 1:20 Foundation 1:21 decided he threw a party when the first 1:25 if not the first aids fundraiser in Dallas the call it 1:29 aids is a drag so we went went shopping 1:33 in downtown Dallas mark took John Rogers 1:38 Tony Anthony and me to a store called 1:41 I paradise was on Elm Street 1:45 just literally two blocks from where I work today and when you went there 1:51 when we went there I noticed on the on the the outside the building 1:56 he clearly said I paradise but there were two shadow 2:00 pieces right next to the eye and apparently the W in the G 2:04 falling off so 2:09 we went into I paradise and I shop for my very first way 2:13 needless to say I chose the biggest and longest way I could find 2:19 now I've never done drag before and had no skills in the fine art of 2:23 wigwam ping so I put the weight on its way ahead and started pushing her around 2:28 the face 2:30 you know thinking all this I think this would look good 2:33 and then so I laid the whole thing down on the floor 2:36 face up and then I so reform the hair the way I want it now use hair spray and 2:42 sprayed it 2:43 and got it exactly the way I want it 2:46 and then I went to pick it up and it was stuck to the floor so in the kitchen I 2:53 got a spatula 2:54 and had to scrape it off the floor 2:58 news this is an old wooden floor so 3:01 I guess it was okay and I picked it up 3:05 intercourse it was this huge round halo of hair that had exactly what I wanted 3:11 in terms of the lock 3:12 except for his flat as a pancake on the back to you 3:16 it had been there was on the floor and I 3:19 I don't think I will there was in 30 seconds more 3:22 ready yes this is my hair so I got more cans hairspray and I just sprayed the 3:28 hat 3:29 spray tan spray and spray a arm 3:32 our permit exact lo and behold 3:37 I had this beautiful blonde halo and the face 3:40 was perfect the way it wrapped around my face I was so thrilled 3:45 I completely lost it I had a total gay moment 3:49 I think today we call it I nailed ouch 3:52 it was perfect I called mark Rogers like all John Rogers nice that I think I've 3:57 got 3:57 so I by Mark and hair spray and sprayed again and again and again 4:03 so our vans was scheduled for a Saturday night 4:07 the night after Halloween and 4:11 I'm I was one of about 25 posts at the party 4:15 we were tasked to transform 4:18 an empty design space at the Design Center I think it became the party 4:22 palace for quite a few years 4:24 afterwards and I while putting the party together 4:28 I met many people who are not count as friends today 26 years later 4:33 I including buddy Milano and other people who I had no 4:38 sorry context for connecting with them 4:41 but Mark Rodgers new lots and lots of people 4:45 and one of the loveliest things about mark Rogers 4:48 was that he didn't care where the supported the age Resource Center 4:51 or the Oaklawn Counseling Center which 4:55 at the time were completely different camps of people 4:59 I if you support the ongoing calyx and Counseling Center 5:02 you it was doubtful you supported the age Resource Center 5:06 just different times different missions we're all working through the same good 5:11 but marked in care any purchase altogether but this party together 5:16 and that was one of the best things about that party 5:20 arm in the beginning but he in one of his other 1i love 5:24 are other host John Rogers they both had friends in Austin 5:28 and they were also planning an event on Halloween weekend for 5:32 aid services Austin but they're backwards on 5:36 Friday night Halloween 5:39 the day before party we all want to go but we had our own event here in 5:44 in Dallas the next day on Saturday so what to do 5:48 what to do so we decided we do both 5:52 which meant we'd have our Saturday party ready to go off all day early 5:57 have in you've ever done party planning 6:00 that's an impossible task but 6:04 we did and then we left 6:08 which is on thinkable I can remember how do you decide to go I think it was 6:13 eleven 6:14 we decided we'd fly Southwest Airlines to Austin 6:18 on Halloween the last business flight of the day 6:23 so we attend their party that night and then we fly home early Saturday morning 6:28 and then 6:29 put the finishing touches on our party and have a party in Dallas on Saturday 6:35 and we decided we fly and drag 6:39 pay it was Halloween even Southwest flight attendants 6:43 more costumes on Halloween denying 6:47 while getting 11 drag queens ready at the same time and getting them to Love 6:51 Field in three security in time for afternoon flight 6:54 was no easy task and if you ever needed proof that God exists 6:58 here was we made it 7:02 yes some other flight attendants were costumes 7:05 something like pirates I recall not much an eye patch here a bandana their 7:11 throw in an armored and you have a pirate 7:15 they were not ready for eleven men dressed in full drag 7:19 do I tell you it was 1986 it 7:22 so as we boarded the plane people were incredulous 7:26 most averted their eyes a few others laughed 7:29 many applauded well that was all we needed 7:38 so we ramp down the aisle 7:41 three-year France kids know Tony Anthony and Bob browning of dressed in identical 7:45 wigs and hats 7:47 as debbie reynolds only the color the dresses were different 7:52 I recall one rush down the aisle turned around screen back to the others 7:57 hey Deb a what's the capital of Wyoming 8:02 and the other two responded in unison W 8:08 the other passengers 8 it out 8:11 so now we're looking for our seats way back in the smoking section 8:18 yes it was that long ago we found another empty seats 8:23 three my friends at the rear bulkhead facing the back 8:26 facing me I had to sit between two business men dressed in suits 8:32 the others sat across the aisle in various seats the three degrees of 8:36 course that together 8:38 the two businessmen would have nothing to do with us 8:42 to say they're unhappy is an understatement 8:46 I think we've seen all the posts about do you sit next to on a plane today 8:50 bro I got Facebook from other media were around 8:55 time they simply open up the newspapers and shut their faces in it 9:01 and decided they were going to ignore what was going on around them 9:05 right I am I here was big 9:08 like really Bay 9:11 and flat really like 9:14 flat my hair is so big that both businessmen had a lean away from me 9:23 so they wouldn't poke their eyes out their eyes out with my hair 9:28 so we take off and a few minutes later years softly 9:33 being being and one in my seat mates proceeded to light up a cigarette 9:41 I turned to him and I said oh I wouldn't do that if I were you 9:44 he asked why not 9:47 I pointed my hair and said flatly 9:50 10 cans of hairspray lone survivor recalls 9:54 fireball shooting down the aisle he started laughing 10:01 the other businesses businessman's newspaper was visibly shaking 10:05 he put it down in tears laughing and said I give up I give up 10:10 at least all have a story to tell my grandkids 10:16 and I said great you can help me finish my nails 10:25 and to my surprise he did 10:29 the rest the flight you know we're talkin forty minutes 10:32 was fairly normal if if normal means free drinks from the flight attendants 10:38 and if normal means having a runway show up and down the aisle 10:42 where the passengers voting for most real 10:53 I didn't win when he arrived at the Austin Airport 10:58 and Austin Fran but we really had a range for wheelchair 11:02 for sick woman mark Rogers or should I say I need a martini 11:07 threw herself into that chair and by twister at the airport so fast 11:14 to know waiting limousine I've which all of us 11:17 roadway in the blink of an eye out on austin-bergstrom Airport Boston didn't 11:23 know what hit them 11:24 what a great time at the party that night in Austin 11:28 the next morning a friend John Rogers David berry banderas 11:33 presented me with a large pizza box so I could probably carry my weight back 11:38 bells 11:39 home that night aids the drag proved to be a great hit 11:45 a recall we raised about twenty five thousand dollars for the age Resource 11:49 Center 11:50 unheard of and I made a lot of friends 11:56 and I made a lot of memories and that's the way it was 12:00 written thank you